On The Other Side of Hiding


Since Ellie was the inspiration for Tuesday’s post, I was interested to know what my oldest son would say when I asked him what I should write about. It was a far cry from what I’d expected.

He said, “Tell them about the first two people. And how a snake tricked them, and how they wanted to be like God.” Then he grinned, “And about how they were naked!!”

That boy… He melts my heart, and makes me laugh like no other person on the planet.

All right kiddo, challenge accepted.

Oh Adam and Eve, the original story of “star-crossed lovers,”  if you will. They had it all. They walked in perfect communion with God and each other. No strife. No lack. If ever a couple in history had the potential to live out fairytale love,  these two had all the makings of “happily-ever-after.”

Does it make your heart ache a little, witnessing Adam and Eve’s first tangle with the choice between good and evil? Like watching the movie Titanic, in which I beg the captain to slow down the boat even though I know how it ends, a piece of me longs for a different ending for Adam and Eve every time I read it. I want them to use their strengths to guard each other’s weak points. Instead, they are conquered.

We wonder how seemingly invincible marriages fall apart today. Perhaps we should wonder more how any relationship manages to survive, when Adam and Eve in all their perfection managed to lose their first love in a single moment of wanting something that didn’t belong to them. We are a fallen creation.

Stressed. Fatigued. Fractured communion. Baggage. Competition. Insecurity. Cynicism. Insufficiency. Broken identity. Disillusionment.

Naked. The thought of Adam and Eve naked brings to remembrance Sunday School coloring sheets of Adam and Eve behind bushes shown from the neck up, but their awareness of their nakedness was so much more than lack of clothing. When they disobeyed God, they removed themselves from HIS covering. Their fig leaves, a pathetic attempt to feel unexposed. When their time of reckoning arrived, they hid, another feeble movement in the enormity of the moment.

And thus began the history of man running from God, of trying to hide our vulnerability, the ugliness in our souls, the shame of what we’ve done, and of what’s been done to us. We’re just as ridiculous as the first two, hiding in the bushes from an all-knowing God.

“Where are you?” God knew exactly where Adam was, and what had happened. Even though Adam had divorced himself from God, God moved in, and offered Adam the opportunity to come out of hiding to come clean.

It’s interesting that Caleb told me to write about Adam and Eve. I expected aliens, zombies, or raptors. Perhaps David and Goliath if he was going to go with a biblical account.

Just last night, after getting in trouble he hid his face behind a pillow and said, “Go play with Ellie. Not me. I don’t deserve it.”

It was like a knife in my heart. Where does he get that? It’s not a sentiment I would ever express to him. Might it come from within.  The desire for something that wasn’t his to have (cue his sister’s screeching). Hiding it. The shame. And then hiding from me. Sound at all familiar? Nah…

As a mom, my goal is to raise my children with the understanding that I know they will make mistakes. They will make choices they wish they didn’t. The rule is, come out of hiding and come clean. Always come clean to those who love you. Facing consequences is rarely fun, but hiding is far more dangerous. My hope is that they will apply the same concept in their relationship with their heavenly Father. He cannot restore what we do not give to Him.

Adam and Eve coming out of hiding was the beginning of the epic story of marred humanity trying to find their way back to their first love, and a relentless lover that refuses to give up no matter how many times humanity through the ages insists on proving they’re not worthy of love.

What’s your story? Is there something in your life that needs redemption, but you’re still hiding from God? He wants to be the covering for all your vulnerabilities.

The relentless lover of your soul knows everything, and He is walking in the garden “looking” for YOU.

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