I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with untangling jewelry. And today I couldn’t help but see myself in the midst of the knot. … More UnDone

If He Were A Tree

Here is a little bit of prose inspired by one of my readers, Jackie Goulette. I feel I didn’t quite do it the justice her idea deserved, but perhaps it is a start for something more in the future. Through my struggled attempt to convey my heart in this piece, I hope He shines through … More If He Were A Tree

Shattered Defenses

As I was sitting in prayer time during church service this weekend, this is the story that played in my mind. It is inspired in part by a poem I wrote many years ago. (Which I won’t share because it is terrible 😉 )  Sometimes the hardest fight is the war against yourself. Once upon … More Shattered Defenses

Saving Letterword

A real-life Charlotte’s Web-esque story. I hate spiders. Loathe them. (Detest, despise, revile, abhor, eschew….you get the picture) Why? Too many eyes and too many legs. The way they move. The way they bind their prey and suck their insides out…yuck. The ones that pounce on their victims, even worse.