Butterfly Feet


There’s poetry in watching a person you love fall asleep.


Her toddler limbs must have grown lanky in the span of one of my blinks. There is a gentle warmth between us as she nuzzles for a sweet spot to fall asleep. I steal a glance, sure to not lock eyes and break the spell.

She gives a languid blink, lashes feather kiss her sun-pinked cheeks and rise. Her bluebell eyes lose focus, and a lazy smile stretches across her face. Oh to know the thought that blipped through her mind, the thing that was her heart’s delight. Princesses, chocolate, or simply our closeness?

She blinks again, slower, opening to a partial eclipse of crystal blue. The flutter continues, weighted each time, until at last her long dark lashes land on her cheeks like a butterfly’s feet on rosebuds.

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