Works in Progress

My completed manuscripts in the process of discovering their publishing home.

Anna’s Vineyard

Naive and adoring Anna has the perfect life, until her husband’s secret addiction turns her world on end.

Abandoned and destitute, Anna leaves behind her crippled vineyard on what should have been a two-day journey to the next town for refuge that transforms into a harrowing search for the mysterious King of Amaranth rumored to have the ability to make beautiful things out of broken pieces. Her husband, Jesse, on the run from his own shame and the secret past he’s spent a lifetime trying to escape, has his own plan to make things right.

One running toward healing, the other running from pain, their relationship is destined to fail. Then, grace intervenes. Still, Jesse is bent on proving he’s not worthy of love, testing her every limit.

Anna must choose. She can start over in a new place, or stand firm through her husband’s war on himself to find out if it really is possible to make beautiful things out of a broken life.


The Highway Children

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” is a motto Harvey James has lived to the extreme, surviving off things abandoned by travelers on the highway his entire adult life. Most would label him homeless because of his lack of address, but as long as he’s near the highway he feels a thread of connection to his past. Then, an abandoned baby’s cry in the night interrupts Harvey’s life of isolation. This tiny life awakens Harvey’s ability to connect with another human soul.

Since the baby can’t wait for a diaper bag to fall off a luggage rack, Harvey must let go of his obsessively independent ways and venture back into society. Lying, begging, and breaking and entering have never been a part of Harvey’s way of life, but he’ll do anything to make sure baby Ivy has what she needs. Will he go so far as to face his fear of letting people into his life? The small town pastor, and an elderly window watcher seem eager to help him get on his feet. Even so, what would happen if they found out he was hiding a baby that didn’t belong to him?