75 Years of Weeping

Don’t laugh, but before we left for Hawaii, I scrounged around for the movie Pearl Harbor, circa 2001. I know, its not exactly an accurate representation of historical facts, but that’s not why I watched it. I have a deep love for fiction. Fiction matters, it draws us in. Yes, the romantic drama took more … More 75 Years of Weeping

Shattered Defenses

As I was sitting in prayer time during church service this weekend, this is the story that played in my mind. It is inspired in part by a poem I wrote many years ago. (Which I won’t share because it is terrible 😉 )  Sometimes the hardest fight is the war against yourself. Once upon … More Shattered Defenses

Pitchfork Parenting

I’ve become a parent in the age of pitchfork parenting. Every accident and mishap is someone’s “fault.” People join the hunt, pitchforks in hand, to expose parental insufficiency, and tout how “I would never.” In a time of reflection I stumbled on a key reason this cultural phenomenon occurs.

To the Women With Aching Arms on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. It’s a weekend celebrated with Facebook posts, sticky hugs and kisses, and cute handprint cards. There will be recognition at churches across the country on the virtues of motherhood, honoring a tribe of women who make the world go round. Smiles and sunshine abound, but you look from the outside in … More To the Women With Aching Arms on Mother’s Day