Walking on Broken Glass

I spent a day walking on broken glass. After driving through a run-down industrial area, I walked with broken glass under my bare feet as I searched the landfill for bits of treasure. An odd way to spend a day of my vacation in the Hawaii? Perhaps. But, things are not always what they seem.

75 Years of Weeping

Don’t laugh, but before we left for Hawaii, I scrounged around for the movie Pearl Harbor, circa 2001. I know, its not exactly an accurate representation of historical facts, but that’s not why I watched it. I have a deep love for fiction. Fiction matters, it draws us in. Yes, the romantic drama took more … More 75 Years of Weeping

Shattered Defenses

As I was sitting in prayer time during church service this weekend, this is the story that played in my mind. It is inspired in part by a poem I wrote many years ago. (Which I won’t share because it is terrible 😉 )  Sometimes the hardest fight is the war against yourself. Once upon … More Shattered Defenses

To the Women With Aching Arms on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. It’s a weekend celebrated with Facebook posts, sticky hugs and kisses, and cute handprint cards. There will be recognition at churches across the country on the virtues of motherhood, honoring a tribe of women who make the world go round. Smiles and sunshine abound, but you look from the outside in … More To the Women With Aching Arms on Mother’s Day