Live In The Light: Crepuscular Rays and Miracle Sightings

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Okay, this is technically an anticrepuscular ray due to the direction of the light…but I couldn’t resist. It is one of my favorite pictures, the way the sun rays are mirrored on wet sand…sigh….   St. Augustine, FL

When my husband was a child, whenever he saw sunlight beam through a break in the clouds, he believed that it meant a miracle had occurred in that place. It turns out he was right.

They have a technical name. Crepuscular Rays. But people call them by many names. The Finger of God. Angel Rays. God Rays. Jacob’s Ladder. They have a beauty about them that draws people. Many sincerely feel that God is reaching out to them. And now that I know the definition of crepuscular rays, I know why. I too, see the divine message.

A crepuscular ray is defined as a twilight ray of sunlight shining through a break in the high clouds that illuminates the dust particles in the air. Light on dust. As I soaked in those words, a stirring began in my spirit.

Light on dust.

Dust is ordinary, and often invisible as it floats on the air. But, when wrapped in light, it becomes glorious. People stop in their tracks and marvel. Take photographs. Some feel as though God in the high heavens is literally reaching down and making himself known.

And isn’t that the case? Those crepuscular rays intended as a message to us all.

Psalms 103:14
For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust.

We worry that we are so insufficient. We’re dusty. Unworthy. Fractured and floating through life. We shy away from his glorious Light for fear of what will be revealed for Him and all to see, all our filth. But when you look upon a crepuscular ray, miraculously it is the light we perceive instead of the dust. To reveal His glory we are not required to become something other than dust. He is mindful of who and what we are. Our job is to allow His Light to shine on us and through us in order to allow Him to do the glorious transformation.

Twilight. It isn’t a coincidence that these rays of light occur at twilight. You can think good ol’ Wikipedia for this bit of wonderfulness: These rays happen when the difference between light and dark [from cloud shadow] is most evident. So then, little dust bits, when it’s getting dark all around you, you have one job. Be in the Light.

I said this simple occurrence of dust and light marks the occurrence of a miracle. Maybe it sounds as though I am stretching things a bit. You were looking for healing, deliverance, or a supernatural rescue. Instead, I’ve taken something associated with divinity and reduced it to  a scientific explanation. Light on dust.

But, you see, that’s how God speaks to me. I’m a simple-hearted girl. It’s this straightforward thought that stills my restlessness: My holy God sees me, a bit of dust floating through this life, and desires to share His glory, to let me wear this borrowed garment in order to transform me into a thing of beauty . It’s miraculous, the way He wants to use me, little dust bit that I am.

I know how to use the Hebrew and Greek Lexicon and Strong’s Concordance. I’ve graduated with a degree in theology. I can wade through the deep theological concepts, exegete the scriptures and outline how they fit in their historical context. I’ve read theology studies, and they’re all well and good. They have their place. But, I’m overwhelmingly content just sitting here watching a ray of light break through the clouds, illuminating dust into a thing of beauty as my heart fills with so much love and joy that tears overflow. All because he loves me that much. To send little reminders that our walk with Him, though not easy, is simple. What a miracle it is when His light becomes our light. Someone stops and experiences the nearness of God, not because of what we are, but because of who He is.

Writing a post like this is such a challenge, because no matter how I try, I can’t quite convey what God has spoken as His Spirit communed with mine. There is an essence lost in translation between the language of the Spirit and my written words. It’s like when you try to translate a word exclusive to the French language into English. It might be technically correct, but an essence/emotion/connotation is lost in translation. But, I’ll share anyway. Maybe a little light will catch on this old dust of mine.

Isaiah 60:1
Arise, shine; for your light has come. And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

So next time you see a sunbeam break through the clouds and kiss the earth, remember this: It’s just Light on dust. It’s that simple. It’s what He wants for you. And it’s simply beautiful.

God Beams

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