I’ve Got Your Back


“Are you ready to get out of the bathtub?”

Levi is one and a half, so he doesn’t say much. He gives me a wide-eyed exaggerated nod, and then turns his back to me. Every time. It’s such an adorable moment. One I hope I always cherish.

I drape his towel over his shoulders with the tails hanging out of the tub and lift. We turn around and make funny faces in the mirror together. A moment to snuggle this fresh and clean little boy in his PJ Mask hooded towel. Kisses for his damp squishy cheeks.

He’s the only one of the three that does the little turn around thing. The others I have to wrestle from the tub, fighting whole way, just trying to keep the towel from getting doused. Or they jump out dripping wet and run, with me calling out, “Stop! You’re going to….fall…” Then the little rebels come back to me holding their bumped heads.

Levi’s response to my question is a simple move, but it is one of trust. He knows the routine. I’ll wrap him in a fresh warm towel. And, after that we will smile and jabber at our reflection in the mirror. He doesn’t doubt for a second how I will handle the position he has placed himself in.

What about us? When God draws us to a new place, do we turn around so he can wrap us and lift us away, or do we kick and writhe, make a big mess, and drench the warm dry towel he offers? Or maybe he tells us to get ready, and instead of waiting for him we jump out. Soaking wet, we sprint around the house, slip on our wet footprints, bust our head on the hardwood, and then go limping back.

Let’s take a page from of my mild-mannered child (Or rather the most mild-mannered of the three. I don’t want to stretch the truth 😉 ). When God says it’s time to transition, let’s nod, put ourselves in the correct position to receive what he offers, and then wait on the Lord to do the lifting. It’s a simple concept. But often those simple concepts are the hardest to embrace.

Our response reflects our trust that He really will follow through on His promises. Do you believe Him when he says He has your back?

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