The Spirit of Aloha

This week’s post brought to you from Hawaii, the islands of Oahu and Kauai. My love and I took off on a bit of an anniversary adventure. Swinging in hammocks on remote beaches, watching the surf roll in.

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Smooth, rich coffee. Surfers gliding in on waves, making their flight effortless to the spectators who can only dream of the adrenaline rush of being propelled by the force of rolling waves. Mountain ranges, straight up, their crowns hidden by mist. The crash of waves against the rocky cliffs. Rainbows.  Exposed soil like slices of red velvet cake. Windows down. Oahu’s  salty-sweet air is the kettle corn of sea breezes. Aquamarine waters gradient out to rich blues. Whitecaps.

Sigh…I’m still lost a little in the spirit of Aloha. I’m home now of course. In the fog of jet lag, I think I’ll let my heart stay there a little longer. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from our adventure. My weekly posts for the next few weeks will be flavored by some of the experiences depicted above. Find me here next Thursday for my post inspired by a bit of island history, “75 Years of Weeping.”

One thought on “The Spirit of Aloha

  1. There is something about the ocean, and how it soothes the soul. Wave after wave, it washes away things that don’t belong in us, it is a cleansing.


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