How Not To Practice Pitching For Writer’s Conference

Confession: I feel like a huge dork sharing this video. It wasn’t intended for public consumption. But, this video really isn’t about me. It’s a moment to connect with other moms balancing childrearing and professional aspirations. It’s a moment to laugh.

I’m going to the ACFW Conference tomorrow, and I’ll have various opportunities to share my novel with peers and industry professionals. I decided to record myself talking about my book so I could play it back and catch the places I rush and ramble. This particular video didn’t go as planned. My son realized what I was doing and joined in the…um….fun…

Part of me really didn’t want to share this, because it’s not….well….a perfect representation of myself. It’s pretty stinkin’ goofy. But, my friend and I recently had a great conversation about how the need to be perfect in front of others can hold us back from sharing life. This video isn’t about the words I’m saying anyway. This video is for all the writing moms, work-from-home moms, and any mom trying to retain a shred of professionalism with small kids by your side. I think you’ll be able to relate. The struggle is real.

Keep in mind, I was using the camera on my computer. We could both see each other the entire time. I have no idea how I was able to keep a straight face, or even continue and finish with any shred of anything that makes sense. My husband couldn’t understand why I didn’t just stop….I guess I took it as a challenge to see if I could continue on through distractions. At home with three kids, ages five and under, there are always distractions. It’s a survival skill to learn to work through them ;).  If I happen to have an agent, editor, or writing peer try to stick their finger in my face or mock me while I talk, I’m gold. 😀 Ha!

Anyways…this video makes me laugh, and maybe you need to laugh, too. If only you could hear all that was going on in my head while I was recording….

And on that note, below is a new life motto I am working on incorporating into my life.



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