On Rain After the Drought


A storm is brewing outside my window. Everything is draped in murky gray. The energy and anticipation in the wind makes the tree limbs waltz just before the clouds open.

On Rain After the Drought

Singing drops pound out their rhythm

upon every thirsty surface

beating away the barrenness,

coaxing life out of dust.

The dusty earth inhales.

Refreshed, it breathes again.

This rhythmic song sings hope

that beauty will prevail.

Though I have poetic leanings, I’m not much of a verse writer. Still, I love this poem because when I read this, it instantly transports me nine years in the past, sitting on the porch steps of my new house with my journal, watching tiny dust clouds rise as the initial drops fell. The smell in the air. The dissipation of summer heat. Just loving to write.

Maybe you are in a season of drought in your life, and there are no rain clouds on the horizon. Or the clouds over your head are heavy with anticipation. For someone else, the rain is coming down in sheets, bringing life out of barrenness.

No matter where you are in life’s journey, when you see rain pour down on thirsty ground, I hope it reminds you that this is what God wants to do for you. He wants to pour out over you, and restore the deserts in your life to rivers of joy. Seek Him, not what He can do for you. He will restore and refresh in His perfect timing.

I leave for writer’s conference in one week! Where has the summer gone? I so appreciate those of you who have committed to praying for me on this exciting piece of my writing journey. If you are wondering about specific things I need prayer for, I’ll share my personal list.

  • That I would have courage to walk through doors that God presents
  • That I would let go of my preconceived hopes for conference, and be open to everything I can learn from the experience
  • That God would show me ways to bless and encourage others
  • That my heart would be open to new friendships
  • Wisdom and discernment

Thanks everyone. I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!

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