The God of the Unseen

Today’s blog is a guest post from my dear friend Leann in which she shares a bit about a recent ministry trip she took to France. Read along knowing that this is who my friend Leann was (and is) for me. She is a person who truly sees me. In fact, I imagine that everyone who comes in contact with her feels just that, seen.

Leann’s Photo of A Refugee Camp Evacuation in Paris

-God of the Unseen-

High school. All I wanted was to be seen.  When I got what I wanted, to be seen; I was bullied, pushed aside, and made fun of. Not what I had in mind!

My recent trip to France (Paris, Dunkirke, and Agen) brought me back to my high school days, a fraction of what people experienced there, but it was a way I could relate nonetheless.

Why was I in France? I traveled there with a group of women to share the love of Jesus. We spent time with many different people groups including; refugees from many different countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Africa etc), prostitutes, and people we met as we were traveling around.

As I spent time with these beautiful people, I realized that these were the people who were unseen … The refugees were moved from place to place so they wouldn’t be seen by tourists in Paris. The prostitutes worked in the shopping district. People walked right past them without truly seeing these beautiful women.

The interesting part? When these lovely people were actually seen, it was like my bullied high school days. They were pushed to the side, not truly valued, and bullied (for lack of better words).

I truly believe that God sent us there just to show these people that they were seen-

Friends is that how you feel? Do you long to be seen, to truly be known?

We all want to be seen, to truly be seen- it is the way we were created, with this deep desire to be known.

The beautiful thing? God is a God of the unseen- yes He is! He sees each and every one of us, He knows us, loves us, and finds worth and value in us. Phew – that’s good news! How sweet is it to truly be known and seen by someone. He knows us so well and sees straight to our hearts. He even sends people around the world just to show us we are seen by Him.

❤ Leann Underwood

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