Covered or A House Divided?

Watch the video above first even if you’ve already seen it, and then check out my thoughts below:

I am going to do my best to articulate what I felt when I  watched this video. Her description of the event pulled me into the moment. I could feel the panic and distress, and her and the officers’ bravery. The horror of watching lives taken. I could sense the protection pressing in, through the line of fire. I became the woman in that scenario. Fearing for my life. Trying to protect my children. Being covered. That stopped me.

That brought tears. I’ve never been in a physically life threatening situation like that one, but I do know what it is to be covered.

When I accepted Christ as my Savior, He leapt on top of me, sacrificing his life to cover me with His righteousness and said, “No. Not this one. You can’t have her. She is mine. I have called her by name.”

He covers my head with the helmet of salvation, protecting my mind. He covers me at my feet with gospel of peace, preparing the way forward. He’s my breastplate of righteousness, protecting my heart. He is the shield of faith, with which I have extinguished the flaming arrows of the evil one. (Read Ephesians 6:10-18)

It’s not just me. Jesus wants to do that for everyone, if only we’ll accept his help.

I don’t know anything about the spiritual life of these people, but they became ambassadors of the love of Jesus that day. Christians have a tendency to think that we are the only ones that have the ability to portray the love of Jesus to others, but that isn’t true. We are ALL bearers of His image. There is something in us all that knows what true love is.

We Christians say we love like Jesus, but if someone is spiritually, emotionally, or physically under fire, do we turn our head? Do we say they need to get their act together and help themselves? Do we point out how their personal choices have opened them to the situation they’re in? Are we afraid to associate, because we worry their reputation will spoil ours? Do we split over doctrinal semantics and back away?

Or do we say, “Not this one. This one is covered,” and sit at their head and feet and over them until the arrows of the enemy are extinguished, and then drive through the onslaught to get them to the help they need?

The police officers didn’t stop to ask the woman how she felt about police officers before they covered her.  The woman did not stop the officers from shielding her, asking them if they agreed with her. It wasn’t about Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter. In that moment, everything was stripped down to what counted. Life. Maybe it is because I am a girl who likes her personal space, but it really affected me, the intimacy of complete strangers covering her with their own bodies while gunfire sounded all around.

People love the Abraham Lincoln quote, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Do they know where he got that line? Jesus in Mark 3:25. Is there any group of people worse at  dividing against themselves than Christians? If we can’t stand in unity as The Church with Jesus, the author of “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” how can we expect America (and the rest of the world) to get unity right?

Jesus covered me. I want to be his ambassador. I want to focus more on the shared image of God I see in myself and in every human being, and less on what separates us. I’ll let the Holy Spirit sort out the details. After all, it’s not my job to change hearts. I’m just in the business of following His orders.




One thought on “Covered or A House Divided?

  1. Love this!! I’ve been thinking a lot about this myself. “The Church” is supposed to be Gods love to the lost but how can we love the lost when we can’t even love one another?? Thank you for articulating my thoughts so well!

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