Mary or Martha?


I might be able to fool myself into believing that I’ve got my life together. I might even be able to fool you. But I can never fool my children.  Not even for a second. They are little emissaries of the Holy Spirit, tapping me on my shoulder whenever I let things get out of perspective. Therefore, they become frequent contributors to my blog.

My son, Caleb, handed me a little slip of paper after school last week, a cute little survey in honor of Mother’s Day. I read through the questions, giggling at a five-year-old’s perspective on my age and weight, and the color of my eyes. The next answer stopped me cold.

No. No. No. Ugh. No. That’s not supposed to say that.

What does your mommy like to do: She likes to work and clean. 

There is nothing wrong with a child noting how hard his mother works. Still, that answer clenched my heart. That was not a typical answer for my wild, rambunctious boy who lives in a perpetual state of adventure. My boy who loves climbing trees, bugs, and charming me with wildflowers.

Every other time he has been asked this question his answer has been “give me hugs and kisses” and “playing with me.”

Life’s been busy.  I’ve worked hard on various goals over then past few months, and grown in the calling God has given me. I’ve taken care of my children’s needs and the household. But, in the midst of trying to get everything done, I have missed something greater.

I’ve been a little too much Martha and not enough Mary.

Martha invited Jesus and his disciples to come into her home, and became consumed with making sure everything was perfect for dinner. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet soaking in every word he spoke. Martha, frustrated that her sister would not help, asks Jesus his thoughts on Mary’s lackadaisical behavior. To Martha’s surprise, Jesus commends Mary.

Martha in her drive to accomplish was missing the fleeting opportunity to sit at Jesus’ feet. It’s not that Martha wasn’t doing something good, it was that she was missing a bigger picture.

Every family is different. For me and my household, my son’s perspective was like a check engine light. This mama is still going to work hard. There is work to be done, and that work is important. It’s not my responsibility to provide perpetual entertainment for my children. However, it is my responsibility to avoid becoming so engrossed in the details of life that I miss the bigger picture.

Childhood is fleeting, and I’m in Disney World. So instead of laboring over the perfect ending to this post and picking over my word choices, I’m gonna go be Mary with my son. Have a great day everyone. Grab some “Mary Moments” with the important people in your life. I’ll meet you back at the end of the week!

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