The Faith of A Child


Ellie and I are lovers of words. She likes them in heaps and piles, the more the better. She sings them, screams them, and marches around the house to her three-year-old proclamations.

But for me, there is nothing like scrawling a single sentence that captures the essence of everything I’m trying to communicate. Ellie beat me at my own game yesterday.

I was listening to Lauren Daigle’s song, “How Can it Be,”  on repeat like it was oxygen for my lungs. My head was full of “stuff,” that in the face of who Christ is, mattered very little. I  could go on and on trying to explain myself, but my little girl articulated my own heart far better than my stumbling attempts.

She piped up from the backseat of the van. “Mom, I like this song.”

“You do?”

“Yes, it makes my heart feel big.”

Cue the tears. You said it sister…

Her mind didn’t understand what the words of the song meant, but her spirit did. She was able to express the essence of what that song was doing for me when I didn’t have the words. I had woken up that morning with my heart small and achy in my chest. I needed it to swell, full of Christ, until there was no room for the things that were distracting me from Him. I needed to look beyond what was wrong, and look to the rightness found in Christ.

We adults are obsessed with “understanding” everything. We need to understand our feelings and where they come from. We crave to know how God is going to fix the mess, and when He is going to come through.  When we don’t have answers we get angry and bitter. Disillusioned. Scared.

Not children. Their faith is enough. They feel without demanding to understand the emotion.

Our car ride was such a beautiful moment of worship.  Intellectually,  Ellie and I understood what Christ had done on our behalf on very different levels. Our spirits, on the other hand, were speaking the same language even though she’s three and I’m thirty-one.

Her Daddy and I chose her name for a specific purpose, to remind us of the faithfulness of God. Elizabeth means, “My God is a Promise.” Ellie doesn’t know it, but yesterday she reminded me. He is my promise.

Jesus, lover of my soul, let my faith be like that of a three-year-old. When my adult mind starts saying, “What if?” and “Life is hard.” and “I can’t handle this.” help me remember that you make my small heart big.  Help me remember that who YOU are is the answer for my every question, and every circumstance.

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Is there a particular song or scripture that you like to focus in on when you are feeling distracted in your Christian walk? Share below!

5 thoughts on “The Faith of A Child

  1. Why, oh why do we sometimes think we’re simply physical creatures with intellectual capabilities? We forget that we have emotions that need to be overwhelmed by the goodness of God. Such a beautiful post! And the song I’ve loved listening to recently is “No Longer Slaves.” Every time I hear it (or sing it!) an assurance settles even more deeply in my soul of how much God loves me 🙂


  2. Great song! I love the part that says “You split the sea so I could walk right through it. My fears were drowned in perfect love.” I can picture the sea closing over my fears like the Red Sea closed over Pharaoh’s pursuing army. I appreciate you taking the time to read and sharing this song. I need to add this to my playlist!


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