Crayons in the Dryer


Today you feel a little super human. The task list is ticking away. The sun is shining. Your children are getting along. The stack of laundry is miraculously shrinking for once.  Everything is rosy. Then you open the dryer. Your entire load of laundry is a rainbow of red and blue streaks. (Your favorite pair of pants just had to be in there…)

You could cry. You could fuss at the child who put crayons in their pocket, and then turn your anger on yourself for forgetting, as usual, to check pockets. You feel like chucking everything, but you don’t.  Instead, you swallow all that, and search Pinterest for how to get melted crayons out of your clothes and out of your dryer.

Anyone else swing from “I got this!” to “I can’t handle this life!” in the amount of time it takes to open a dryer door? The fact that I can swing so quickly annoys me more than the melted crayon I am chipping off the dryer drum to the sound of children arguing in the background.

God’s Grace is Sufficient for Melted Crayons

The crayons in the dryer, the flat tire, the misplaced wallet, having to turn around three times for things you have forgotten. All life’s interruptions can serve to remind us God’s grace is sufficient for all our weaknesses. We are not supposed to “have it all together.” We’re just not.

I for one, need a daily reminder that I am not meant to do this life alone. I’m not supposed to be a parent, a wife, or a friend in my own wisdom. I’m not even supposed to clean my ridiculously messy house on my own strength. God is with me throughout all of my day, whether I recognize his presence or not.

So when the proverbial crayons are melted in the dryer, I can let the mistake run away with my day, or take it as an opportunity to refocus and speak to my Heavenly Father.

“God, I know in the grand scheme of life these melted crayons are small potatoes, but it really interrupted my day. When it affected me so strongly, it reminded me that I need you. Help me to be thankful for melted crayons, because they made me pause and look for you.”

P.S. In case anyone wants to know how to get melted crayons out of their clothes, and is still reading this:

I soaked them in very hot water with Oxyclean and dish soap in my laundry sink. Then I washed them in hot water. Half came clean in the first wash. The rest came clean after a second round of the same treatment. One pair was a lost cause, but much better than an entire load of nice pants being lost!

How do you reclaim your day after odd interruptions? Do you push through or do you wad up the task list and call recess?  Questions and Comments welcomed!

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